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Sally Kaicher Cards

Many collectors love the work made by Sally Kaicher on the series of cards printed between 1973 and 1992 - but most find it somewhat difficult to handle search the cards for individual taxa.

I have always wanted to digitize the whole set and make a searchable database - when I was almost done with the digitizing for my personal use, I thought collectors would like to have it as well.

I found out that Dick Petit had the rights for the cards so I contacted him in 2013 asking if I could make such database to sell and split profits with him. Back them he told me to give his share to The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, before I finished the project Dick passed away, and I left the project on hold. After some consideration I decided to make it available for free so it could be better used by collectors and scientists.

More can be read about the work of Sally Kaicher on this article by Gary Rosenberg and Dick Petit: The Nautilus 117(4):99-120, 2003

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Thank you all who helped on this project: Gary Rosenberg and Harry Lee

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