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Pecten Collection - Hugh Morrison by Jose Coltro

In June 2005 I had the opportunity to visit Hugh Morrison in Perth, Western Australia. Besides to be a very important Australian dealer he is a Pecten lover, and his collection is probably one of the most complete in the world.

He keeps all his Pectens in well protected drawers covered with glass in a large shell cabinet.
He is always looking for new species, color variations, special sizes, etc. His most prized species is a huge and perfect Annachlamys iredalei (Powell, 1958). But he has some others rarities, like Oppenheimopecten galapagensis (Gray, 1959), orange Nodipecten magnificus (Sowerby, 1835), among other very beautiful shells. His Western Australian collection is complete and he found a new species which will be described very soon.

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