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Carlos Eduardo Proença Collection

Carlos Eduardo Proença started collecting shells in 1999 when working to Agriculture Ministry to incentive farming of oysters, mussels and Pecten ziczac. While traveling he always got some shells from fisherman and then got the taste for collecting.
He found a large shell craft store in Florianopolis and bought the first exotic shells, and from there ended exchanging and buying from several sources.

His preferred families are muricidae, cypraeidae, haliotidae e columbariidae. But what he likes most is to keep all shells at his sight, using many kinds of showcases instead of a closed shell

He has now more than 1,200 species, and his only frustration is to live in Brasilia where he has no contact with any shell collectors. In other hand, Brasilia has a very dry climate helping his collection to be fungus-free!

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