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Dr. Artur Roll Collection - Germany

Dr. Artur Roll lived his last years in Tubingen, Germany. He had one of the largest collections in Europe and a very important land shell representation. Dr. Roll was born in Altensteig (Black Forest) on November, 5 1907 and passed away on April, 9 2005. He was a geologist and due to his work he was able to collect all over the world. He and his wife Berta (Conus bertarollae was named after her) traveled to several Countries together and always found some time to collect shells on the trip. He was also a great photographer, you can see some of his pictures at www.wonderphotos.com .
He kept his collection at his home and had metal and wood cabinets done to maintain his shells neatly in place. His collection was donated to Munich Museum, a great destination for such a beautiful treasure. He was a very good friend, and we are very happy we had the opportunity to meet him and spend precious time at his side when traveling to Europe.

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