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Ricardo Guerrini on 15/01/2007
Congratulations for your collection,the presentation is very clean and elegant.I really like pectens,they are easy to clean and are masters in color !

Robert Grant on 27/08/2006
I've been collecting cowries only for 35 years but am now convinced to start pectin in the future.I had no idea there was that much variety and beauty.Thank you very much for sharing your pictures with the world.My username everywhere is cowryman3sai.God Bless You!

Arne Ghys Collection

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Since my very early childhood, I have been interested in all aspects of nature, such as animals, flowers, plants, fossils .
My parents had friends who's son was a shell collector. There I saw for the first time a shell collection. I was about eight years old then.
It amazed me how these living creatures could make such nicely formed shells with such beautiful colours. First I collected seashells in general, but after some time, I realised this is an impossible task So I decided to specialize. Because of the infinite variety of colours the decision was quickly made: Pectinidae and Propeamusiidae. At the moment I have about two thousand pectin shells and I am still looking for other species, colour forms and shells from different localities.
This will be a never ending work.
All my pectens are classified in drawers and plastic boxes. The general collection is ranged in showcases of glass.
I spent almost all my free time in working at my collection and visiting shell shows.
Every year, my wife and I try to make a shell trip. This can be a nearby holiday or a trip to an exotic country. This year we choose to visit Bretagne in France. Hereby you find a picture of me searching for Chlamys varia in the Atlantic Ocean.

photos and text by Arne

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