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Gustavo on 3/8/2008
Maravillosos todos los terrestres y dulceaquicolas, sobretodo tus Megalobulimus. Una belleza. Tienes de Uruguay???? Tu coleccion es muy buena. Felicitaciones.

Marc Keppens on 08/12/2006
A very nice collection. It's always interesting to collect marine, land and freshwater species!

Mark Chan on 07/12/2006
Really a nice cabinet for easy reference. Ricardo, you have a nice collection of marine and land snails. Great efforts indeed.

Lyle Therriaut on 07/12/2006
Very nice cabinet and collection !

Collection Ricardo Guerrini

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Ricardo and his wife Gracy are two of our best friends in Brazil. We met them in 1989 and traveled with them to many places, including our first trip to Ecuador. He and his wife are both radiologists and they have three kids, Enzo, Giuliana and Enrico.

Ricardo's parents are Italian, and his passion for shells started in Italy when he was a youngster.
Walking on the beach, he found shells which attracted his attention and he still has some of those today. He really enjoys the whole thing: shelling trips, beach combing, cleaning and identification.
He is just not very fond of snakes which may cross his path while collecting land shells....

In addition to shells, he also loves to collect anything unusual that he finds on his trips, such as interesting pieces of wood, coral, bugs... he is a true naturalist!

His passion is land shells, and he owns one of the best collections of Brazilian material. By the way, he liked the book Brazilian Land and Fresh Water Molluscs so much that he bought two copies!

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