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Shell Show in Paris, February 2004

Carmen and Jose Ahuir - Spain
The shell show in Paris on the last weekend of February was very nice. Dealers and collectors from all over the world were present, making one of the best shows in Europe. Dealers from Vietnam, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Israel, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Portugal, Spain and USA. Paris was quite cold for this time of the year, and even a little snow fell on Sunday Morning. Zero Celsius for Brazilians is not the most adequate temperature, specially because we left home at 30°C...
Shell Shows are always a great event, a place of joy and beautiful tables full of shells. People gather around them and talk with passion about their hobby. Some spend a lot of money, others simply go to see nice specimens, talk to old friends and make new ones. The show is not only about profit even to dealers. We love to meet our friends, customers and even our competitors.
Besides, Paris is a beautiful city and has great restaurants - delicious food and wine makes our work much easier!

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