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An Unusual finding in Northeast Brasil

During a short dive in an offshore reef, Alex Bianchi had found a very strange shell – one Jenneria. It was found in a substract that he collected since that area has very few stones to turn or coral to look. Most are sand bars on depths around 20-25 meters surround by muddy bottom.
When he sent the shell, we tought that could be a Jenneria pustulata lost from an ornament brought for a tourist, but the place is hundreds of kilometers far of any touristic place. And it is not a boat route due the shallow areas around.
Alex will be diving on this are for the next weeks and we hope he will be able to find some more specimens and, maybe some live ones! It will be an fantastic finding, especially due to the fact of this Genus having only a single species!
It will show again the relation between many shells from West and East America, like Anachis lyrata, Conus purpuracens/ermineus, Thais biserialis/haemastoma, Purpura pansa/patula, etc.

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