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Our World Map where we have pins on places we have been since we started collecting shells (a gift from Phil and Dottie Schneider, USA)
I don't know about most people, but it is almost impossible for us to travel to an exotic place and come back without carrying anything to decorate our office or our home. We have been in those situations where we had to board an airplane and had to argue with crew to allow us to carry some large and heavy (and fragile...) items, such paintings, wooden masks, etc. Each item on the walls of our office brings back good memories and that fish skull indeed look good on my desk!

Most of the idea of gathering these treasures came from an old Marist priest that Jose met when he was a kid. He always visited this priest's office and returned lured with stories and objects from far Countries. Jose is responsible for most of the decoration we have in our office since he would bring a brick from the pyramids if the autorities allowed him! Of course I do appreciate and also brings lots of weird stuff I found on the beaches or diving.

Sometimes these things can take me back in time and make me appreciate more our adventurous life....


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