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Kris Woods on 18/08/2006
Marcus As a New Zealander(and an avid shell collector) I appreciated your article on the two museums. They are clearly doing a wonderful job enlightening the public. I have visited the Auckland Museum but not Otago. After reading your article I will definitely visit the latter. Thankyou. Kris Woods Wellington.

Andrew Grebneff on 08/08/2006
Marcus, there's a SINISTRAL in the "children's desk" display... and why no images of the fossil shells in the Southern Lands gallery on the top floor?

João Carlos de Lemos on 04/08/2006
Meus estimados Amigos José e Marcus. Adorei ter tido a possibilidade de ver um Museu estrangeiro, com tantas e tão Belos Exemplares. As fotos sãomuito bonitas, e bem tiradas.Os meus agradecimentos por esta oportunidade. Um Abraço Amigo do João.

Lluís Simó on 04/08/2006
Hola amigos, gracias a vuestro reportaje, es la primera vez que visito un museo en Nueva Zelanda sin salir de mi casa en Barcelona (España) utilizando solo el ordenador. Felicidades, bonitas fotos.


Otago and Auckland's Museum of Natural History
by Marcus Coltro

see photo presentation »
Carlos and I had some free time in New Zealand so we visited Otago and Auckland's Museum of Natural History. Both are very well designed, and have many interactive displays. We were allowed to take pictures, and even encouraged to do so! Many displays are meant for people touch and to learn more about many subjects such as birds, mammals and even shells.

In both places they had nice displays and artifacts from the Pacific Islands, necklaces, weapons and decorative handicrafts made with shells, bones and seeds.

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