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Luiz Ricardo de Simone on 6/8/2021
Thank you!

Ricardo Guerrini on 27/11/2006
Congratulations to Prof.Dr de Simone for the new focus of the museum,and special congratulations for his new book about land and freshwater molluscs.He just filled an enormous gap in our cientific literature !Thank you Dr. de Simone.

MZUSP by Marcus Coltro

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The Zoological Museum at São Paulo University was founded in the 1890s when several private collections were donated to the São Paulo state Government. Anthropological, botanical and zoological collections were stored in different locations until 1895 when they were brought together in a public building then called Museu Paulista (Paulista = from São Paulo State).

In 1939, the Department of Zoology was created and in 1940-41 a new facility was built to store the collections. In 1969, it was made part of the University of São Paulo under the name Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo.

Besides housing the collections, the staff does research on taxonomy, systematics, evolution and biogeography. They also provide resources for post-graduate degrees for students from São Paulo University. Their large library is one of the best in Latin America, used by students and scientists from all over Brazil and beyond.

It was remodeled in 2004 and receives thousands of visitors every year to see their great displays of Brazilian fauna.

There are many competent biologists working on revisions to our fauna in the Malacology Section, such as the Curator, Prof. Dr. Luiz Ricardo Lopes de Simone (who was a shell collector himself), also the new in 2006 Museum Director, Prof. Dr. Sérgio Antonio Vanin, an entomologist who also has a passion for shells.


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