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Colors, textures, forms and surprises when shelling in Ecuador by Jose Coltro

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Every time I go to Ecuador I find very nice and unusual things and thanks to my digital camera, I decided to record them. I was in Ecuador during the first days of July, 2006. I drove from Guayaquil to Manta, in Manabi Province, having been invited to be godfather to our diver’s daughter.
Between June and September, the Ecuador coast is not the best place in the world for diving. It is a time of cloudy, dirty water and lots of whales near the central coast. But, even so, still a good place for intertidal shelling.

Lots of things had changed since my first trip there in 1990. The entire coast has increased very much in population and many of the habitats have been destroyed or access has been completely blocked by houses or large private properties.
I was able to find some spots where nature is still untouched and found a very few nice species. But what I noted was nature and its colors, textures and forms. Some like a weird bright yellow cucumber that I found on the first trip, or great stone beaches, fantastic images.
Here you will see some nice plants, sand markings, stones, big rocks, and other interesting things.
That may give you an idea what Ecuador can show you if you go there.

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